Purple Dreams: 10 Rich And Luxurious Purple Nail Designs

Purple Nail Designs

There is something about purple that captures girls’ hearts and imaginations. The regal shade of purple makes it a popular color choice. You have countless ways to showcase your unique sense of style thanks to the wide range of purple hues, from delicate lavender to deep plum.

This color has long been a favorite of girls, whether it be in clothing, accessories, or home decor. But why stop there? Why not intensify your love for this color by adding a hint of purple to your nails? You will experience true princess-like feelings with this solid color manicure. The wide variety of fashionable purple nail designs helps you with this.

So go ahead!! With this magical color, the possibilities are endless!

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When it comes to purple nail art, there are countless shade options. The most popular purple nail polish shades are listed below.

  • Lavender – a pastel purple color that exudes a calming aura.
  • Mauve – a dusty, subdued shade of purple that works for both formal and informal settings.
  • Lilac – a pale purple shade perfect for spring and summer nail art.
  • Eggplant – a deep shade of purple appropriate for the fall and winter.
  • Plum – a rich shade of purple that makes a statement.
  • Violet – a vivid purple shade that gives off a playful vibe.

Creative Purple Nail Designs For 2023

Here, we have provided some purple nail art inspiration for you. You can try this in the same way or make some changes. These designs from well-known manicurists around the globe help you choose the ideal purple nail style before your next salon visit.

1. Purple And Green Nails

Check out this unique and creative green and purple nail design with vibrant colors and interesting textures. Alicia Torello posted it on her Instagram page.

Purple And Green Nails
Source: @aliciatnails

She is a well-known New York City-based celebrity manicurist and nail artist. In the fashion and entertainment industries, she has worked with a number of popular clients, including Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, and Lady Gaga.

2. Pale Purple Nails

This simple purple nail design, posted by Betina Goldstein, is the right example of a minimal solid-color nail design. If you want to be simple and clear for a low-key evening event or wedding night, you can try this without a doubt.

Pale Purple Nails
Source: @betina_goldstein

3. Summer Purple Nails

Also, try this purple summer nail design by the same Betina Goldstein. Your beach days may become more enjoyable and adventurous as a result of this simple and colorful piece.

Summer Purple Nails
Source: @betina_goldstein

4. Chromatic Purple Nails

Try this purple chrome nail design done by Britney Tokyo. It is even more beautiful and stunning because of the long nail shape and the golden shadow that appears as the nails move. This nail art is appropriate for a Halloween or winter night party.

Chromatic Purple Nails
Source: @britneytokyo

5. Magical Purple Nails

Here is another fall purple nail design done by Britney Tokyo with a dark shade of purple. The glitter factors make it suitable for all of your posh parties. It can give your appearance and costume a simplistic yet elegant touch. This nail art is a great option for fall as well.

Magical Purple Nails
Source: @britneytokyo

6. Gel Purple Manicure

Eri Ishizu’s nail art, featuring animal prints, is the ideal option to express your love for your pet. The satisfied feeling you get from this gel purple nail design is similar to baby pink. You can display your strength and courage with this gel nail option.

Gel Purple Manicure
Source: @eriishizu

7. Pinkish-Purple Nails

Try this purple nail design with rhinestones for events like the gala. It looks more stunning and vibrant because of the pinkish-purple color and attractive stones. Eri Ishizu created this nail artwork for Shelbeniece Swain.

Pinkish-Purple Nails
Source: @eriishizu

8. Purple Flowers Nail Art

This purple nail design with flowers is designed by Tom Bachik for Selena Gomez. This manicure is made more beautiful and exciting by the use of the colors like black, yellow, and purple, as well as a complex floral design. Let’s try this to make special summertime memories.

Purple Flowers Nail Art
Source: @tombachik

9. Winter Stars Nails

This silver and purple nail design with stars makes your winter days more romantic and peaceful. The focal point of this design is the striking shade of purple. This work is done by celebrity manicurist Michelle Humphrey. She is renowned for her work with well-known clients like Rita Ora, Kim Kardashian, and Adele.

Winter Stars Nails
Source: @nailsbymh

10. Glassy Marbles Nails

This purple marble nail design by Eri Ishizu is a creative and innovative choice for people who love some adventures in their manicures. You can wear this to reveal your love on Valentine’s Day or to make an Easter night more special.

Glassy Marbles Nails
Source: @eriishizu

Experiment With Different Purple Shades

Creating the perfect purple manicure requires a combination of preparation, creativity, and attention to detail. By following these tips and testing with different colors, designs, and techniques, you can create unique and stunning purple nail designs that express your personality and style.


Q: What are some popular purple nail designs?

A: Some popular purple nail designs include ombre, gradient, polka dots, stripes, floral, glitter, and geometric patterns.

Q: What colors complement a purple nail design?

A: Colors that complement a purple nail design include white, black, silver, gold, pink, and blue.

Q: Can I combine other colors with a purple nail design?

A: Yes, you can combine other colors with a purple nail design to create a unique look. For example, you can add silver glitter or gold accents to a purple base to create a glamorous design.

Q: Can I get a purple nail design at a nail salon?

A: Yes, many nail salons offer purple nail designs as part of their nail art services. You can also bring a photo of a purple nail design that you like to show your nail technician.


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