25 White Short Nails Designs You Need to Try

white short nails

While long acrylic nail designs and colorful nails are great for special occasions and indulging your adventurous spirit, short nail designs offer just as much fun and opportunities to get creative with various nail ideas.

The best look to kickstart your new short acrylic nails infatuation?

White short nails.

And you could even look into spring nails and nude nails.

White nails make an excellent manicure for all women, as they allow you to explore different designs all while maintaining a timeless essence.

They’re easy to wear, style, and maintain, making them an ideal choice for nail art year-round.

We’ve compiled a list of the 25 best white nail designs and cute nails ideas to pair with your fabulous short nails.

1. Simple short white nails

White Short Nails Source: @glambydessy_

We’re kicking off with a classic beautiful white nails idea that will never go out of style and doesn’t involve any extremity.

Here, we have a set of short nails with 2-3 coats of white nail polish.

And that’s it!

This iconic white manicure boasts unmatched simplicity that looks great any time of year.

The best part?

You can pair these pearly white nail designs with quite literally any outfit.

2. White and gold glitter short nails

White Short Nails Source: @sarakehoenails

For those of you who love white and gold, we have you covered with this ultra-glamorous nail idea.

Here, we have a set of short almond nails painted with 2 layers of white nail polish.

Then, choose two fingernails on each hand and add gold glitter, starting from the mid-point to the tips of your nail for a dazzling ombre effect.

The best feature?

These would pair well with a cup of coffee in hand!

3. Black and white short nails

White Short Nails Source: @homeofnailart

Black and white nails are among the most classic pairings, making this nail art design one of our favorites.

If you like how the single flame nail looks, we have an entire list of flame nails!

Adding a color at the opposite end of the spectrum in blacks a cool contrast.

Alternate black and white nail polish on your short fingernails for a marvelous monochrome manicure.

Bright white nails present a distinct contrast to the edgy black nails.

You could even go for a dalmatians print with these!

4. Silver and white short nails

White Short Nails Source: @naturalbeauty.suffolk

Elevate your mani with this trendy nail design idea.

For this look, we recommend leaving most of your nails white.

Then use silver nail tape from Amazon or Etsy to create diagonal silver stripes on an accent nail.

Or, you could create trendy, metallic tips.

If you want to change it up, you can also add some baby blue nails to this look.

5. Glam nude and white short nails

White Short Nails Source: @arinaildthat

If you’re looking for a more understated manicure, this nail design is one of our favorites because it still makes a statement.

Here, we have one hand boasting a simple white mani while the other showcases a set of nude nails.

6. Matte white nails pure white nail designs

White Short Nails Source: @_xnailsbymoni

While we love glossy nails, matte nails deliver a modern, sleek look we can’t resist.

For this look, take your favorite white nail polish and apply 2-3 layers.

Next, use a matte top coat to create a chic set of white gel nails — perfect for everyday wear!

7. White floral nails

White Short NailsSource: @rawrzuhlind

This almond nails look will have you fighting the urge to gallivant in a meadow.

After applying a bright white shade to your short nails, apply transparent floral nail stickers to your nails, positioning them how you please.

With this white nail design, endowed with flirty florals, the possibilities for your nail beds are endless.

We also have other floral designs in our list of the best orange nails!

8. Black and white polka dots

White Short Nails Source: @nails_by_natalia_x

This fun nail design is one of our favorites because it delivers a playful look and is simple to recreate, especially on short nails.

After prepping your nails with a clear base coat, paint your nails white and let them dry.

Then, take a dotting tool from Amazon or a bobby pin/stencils and randomly dot black nail polish over top and finish with a clear topcoat.

9. Geometric white acrylic nail

White Short Nails Source: @nailed_by_merul

Be prepared to attract attention with this irregular shape nail design.

For this look, we’ve used white as a base coat and use nail tape to outline small triangle shapes with a bright nail polish of your choice.

Once dry, remove the tape, and voila!

You have yourself a trendy geometry manicure and one of the best acrylic nails.

10. Silver glitter and white nails

White Short Nails Source: @sukibowenails

For this look, we’ve combined a few of our favorite things: white, silver, and glitter.

Here, we have most nails painted with white nail polish.

On each ringer, apply silver glitter for a set of gorgeous nails that sparkle.

White glitter nails never go out of style.

11. Rhinestone white nail art ideas

White Short Nails Source: @beauty.cicret

The beauty of short nails?

You can still get creative with fun nail art accessories.

Apply white nail polish as your base coat and use glue to apply rhinestones and gems.

The product is a glamorous nail design that boasts unparalleled simplicity.

Try a pink diamond rhinestone, small crystals, or side rhinestones for some serious glam!

12. Pearly white nail design

White Short Nails Source: @iramshelton

This manicure is the epitome of elegance that looks stunning on shorter nails.

Simply apply two layers of pearly white nail polish to help your nails shine with every wave.

Want to elevate the look?

Use nail glue to apply tasteful rhinestones you can find on Amazon.

13. Zebra stripe nails

White Short Nails Source: @luminary_nail_systems

White nail polish often serves as a clean canvas to unleash your creativity — this nail art design is a perfect example of that.

For this zebra look, start by painting your nails white.

Next, take a thin brush and dip it into black nail polish.

Then, draw short angled lines to recreate zebra stripes gaps.

Once dry, finish with a clear topcoat.

14. Accent nail design

White Short Nails Source

Incorporating an accent nail will elevate your white manicure.

Here, we have white nails and both ring finger nails and pinkie painted in a shimmering gold tips shade — perfect for daily wear or attending a special event.

Hot pink nails would look good with this look too!

15. Reverse white french manicure

White Short Nails Source: @au.bloom

This manicure features an unexpected twist on your classic French manicure.

To achieve this minimalist look, use a nail art liner brush from Etsy to paint a white reverse line at the bottom of your nail (if it gets messy, use an angled flat brush to correct mistakes.)

Lastly, finish with a clear topcoat and admire your beautiful set of delicate nails.

16. Black and white starry nails

White Short Nails Source: @_cmabeauty

This look is one of our favorite white nail designs, as it features dainty yet understated nail art.

Here, we have a set of short white nails.

Then, apply black star stickers to your nails — no nail glue needed!

You can also dip a dotting tool into your black nail polish and add dots to your nails to enhance the look even further.

17. Short white coffin nails (acrylic nails coffin short)

White Short Nails Source: @nails_bylauren1

Coffin nails don’t always have to be long!

For this classy nail idea, we have short coffin nails painted in a creamy white shade.

Use nail glue to add several beautiful rhinestones and gems to elevate your white coffin nails from a simple nail design to effortlessly elegant.

18. Short white almond nails

When you have little real estate to work with, white almond nails are an excellent option, as they provide just a little height at the tip.

To recreate this look, paint your almond nails with white nail polish.

Before it dries, drag a toothpick through the polish and use gentle swipe gestures to gently create squiggly lines.

The result is an abstract nail design you need to add to your rotation.

These are perfect for bridesmaids!

19. White chevron nails

Chevron-patterned nails are a great way to give the illusion of longer nails.

Apply striping tape in the shape of an upside down “V” then use white nail polish to paint overtop.

Before it dries, remove the tape.

Now, you have a trendy nail design, perfect for short nails.

20. Pink nails and white flowers

This delicate floral design is a must-try, especially if you’re headed on vacation.

To achieve this look, paint your nails white and use a dotting tool to create pretty pink petals.

Last, add a dot of sliver nail polish in the center of each flower for a soft romantic manicure.

21. White watercolor nails

If you’re looking for unique white nail designs, this is one you’ll love.

First, apply 2 coats of white nail polish and clear topcoat and let dry.

Then select a combination of colours (we recommend 2-3) and apply a small dot of each to the center of your nails.

Finally, dip a wide flat nail art brush in acetone and hover it over your nails, allowing it to drip.

Then gently pat with the brush to spread out the natural mixture of colors and dilute their pigmentation.

22. White butterfly nails

White summer nails, here we come!

Suitable for short nails, this beautiful manicure features pure white nails with multicolored butterfly stickers overtop.

Add gold flakes to make the look even more eye-catching.

Apply a clear topcoat to add a sheen to your butterfly nails.

23. White nails with hearts

For this next nail idea, we’re aiming for romance.

Here, we have bright white nails with red heart stickers overtop a few of your nails, creating a lovely design that will make your heart flutter.

24. White marble nails

Among our favorite short white acrylic nail designs is marble nail art.

This marble effect manicure features white short acrylics enhanced by neutral swirls, creating a dreamy product that will have you swooning.

25. New year’s eve nails

This glitzy white nail art is perfect for ringing in the new year or attending a formal event.

For this look, you’ll need a white base coat, along with gold flakes from Etsy, which add a bit of glitter to an otherwise simple mani.

Not feeling gold? You can swap it out for silver flakes and achieve the same effect!


Whether you decide to use gel nails, acrylic nails, or natural nails, these looks will give you custom nails that’ll look amazing!

You can use OPI gel or products like a cuticle stick to help achieve the look of short white nails.

Using different acrylic nail shapes and acrylic art et you the best simple acrylic nails of your life.

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