The Absolute Best 25 Almond Nails Designs

Almond nails

The almond shape is not only super cute, but this nail look is also practical and less cumbersome than the stiletto or coffin nails shape.

Flame nails and orange nails can be an awesome pair with almonds.

These almond nail ideas will make you want to march straight to the salon.

This natural nail shape will look great on you! What shape of nails are in for 2021 (and now 2022)?

Almond nails.

Be sure to check out our list on nude nails and short nail designs, too!

Glitter elegant nail design

Everybody needs a touch of sparkle in their lives.

These short acrylic nails feature adorable holographic glitter.

This almond nail manicure uses an eye-catching glittery polish that will go with all of your outfits.

V french tips best acrylic nails

These nude nails are perfect for the working woman.

They’re minimalistic, simple, and elegant… plus, not too long to interfere with your life!

You won’t want to stop looking at your classy nails.

Now these are some cute short nails.

Natural ombre almond nails

Want chic nails but not a big fan of colorful patterns?

We get it!

This nail idea enhances your natural beauty with a few beads of acrylic.

These classy almond nails might be your new favorite mani.

This look can work as white short nails too!

Black almond set

Coffin nails aren’t your style?

Black nails are sure to be!

This stiletto-inspired matte nails feature a gorgeous gold leaf accent over gel polish.

We love this black and gold combo!


This summertime set looks great with almond shape nails.

Using clear nail tipes and the best hues of gel polish, you can find this press-on set on the Etsy app or at your local nail salon.

These could work as fall nails.

Starry stiletto nails

While this isn’t an almond shape, the tip of the nail can be easily filed down to create an oval nail or almond shape.

These stylish nails have a stunning glitter ombre with some adorable nail art.

Add some crystals to upgrade your new manicure even more!

Spring floral design

Let’s be real, it is too cold outside.

Bring that warmth in with this artsy spring nails design!

We love the minimal use of color in these long almond nails.

Add in some butterflies for a beautiful butterfly nails design!

You can DIY nail art with a small detail brush for this simple nail design.

Black dots

Use some acrylic nail tips for some at-home press-on nails utilize a nail clipper to help shape and lengthen your nails. The color of the season… black! Black is perfect for every season.

White swirls

Add a little spice to your nude nails with some white nail polish.

You can file the length down for short almond if longer nails bother you.

This set is definitely some of the best acrylic nails on this list.

What do almond shaped nails say about you? That you’re classy, elegant, and love a natural nail but aren’t afraid to try something new.

Pink short almond shape nails

These pink nails are one of the top colors of 2021.

It’s pink enough to see, but nude enough to look natural.

You could make these as hot pink nails, too.

This pink almond nails manicure look has tons of glamour without all the work!

Can you do almond shape on short nails?


Long almond glitter

If you are a fan of elegant manicures, you’ll fall in love with these long almond nails.

This design uses a bit of glitter to accent the length and gorgeous nude color.

Perfect glitter ombre

Add a glittery varnish or a glitter gel to the top of your nails to create different types of accents to a boring set, or go all out on this art like the photo.

It’s your choice!

Minimalist coffin almond

Love both coffin and almond shapes?

This set is just in between both to get the best of both worlds.

Add a pop of color to your look with some trendy almond nail designs like this one!

Accessorize with a jewelry ring or a half moon accent ring finger nail.

Trendy graphic nails

This manicure has tons of acrylic nail designs to mix and match to your liking.

Pick one pattern, copy the photo, or have an accent and do the rest of your nails as one design.

Gel nails are very versatile, so you totally can customize your vibe.

Holographic nails

This standard nail look uses holographic chrome powder to add some shimmer rainbow without a ton of work.

If you’re in search of a nail design, search no further!

These are some of the best almond nails you can get.

Tropical nails

Plants look great as home decor, but they also look gorgeous as nail art!

These cute acrylic nails have a geometric pattern, perfect for a party, plus adorable leaves.

Those details!

You can home DIY this style with a small detail brush and a very steady hand.

Use full cover nails for a removable and reusable manicure.

Oval sky acrylic nail

Almond and oval are often used interchangeably.

These almond acrylic nails have adorable skies painted on the tops.

Try using some clear nail tips to make yourself some press-ons.

Nail You don’t need fancy technologies to DIY yourself a great set!

Marble effect oval acrylics

Marble nails have taken over the internet in 2021.

These short almond nails can be attached with glue or built straight onto your natural nail with acrylic.

Be sure to go to a nail art salon that knows how to perfect the hazy, smoky, marble nail art.

Metallic nails acrylic nail

False nail tips can give you a lot of freedom to express yourself.

While it might be hard to home DIY this design, chrome powder can give you the iridescent style you desire.

Why do people have almond shaped nails?

Because they’re easy to work with!

Coffin nails are often too boxy and square-like, while stilettos are sharp and can hurt somebody. Almond nails are the perfect in between.

Queen oval set

This gorgeous mani reminds us of royalty.

That stunning glitter and the half moon accent just make this entire set pop.

Start with a nude base, add some ombre glitter, stick on those nail decals, and finish with your favorite top coat.

Don’t forget to accessorize with some rings.

Blue acrylic nail

If you like pointy nails, this set is for you.

And if you’re into baby blue nails too.

These chic nails are classic, and that baby blue color goes with almost every outfit.

Wag your fingernail in style! You can also try this manicure in the squoval or oval shape.

Mocha gorgeous nails

Something that will never go out of style is the opaque mocha color.

These classy nails upgrade any business casual fit and style great as the almond nail.

You could also find some press-ons and use nail glue if you don’t have a gel nail kit.

The best nail salons will paint your nails in no time if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Navy blue chic nails

Take a pit-stop at the salon for these stunning classy nails.

Use swipe gestures with a sparkly navy blue gel polish for an at-home gel manicure.

Acrylic fake nails are a great option if you can’t grow your natural nails.

Don’t forget to use a cuticle stick to push those cuticles back!

This color would make a great pedicure, too. Perfect for beginners.

French tip cherries

The everlasting French nail manicure can be upgraded with some cute cherries and a smile line of blue.

You could even rhinestones to the pinky fingernail as an accent.

All in all

Welp, that’s our entire list of almond nail designs!

You should definitely seek out some of these designs and try them for yourself! Whether you get a nail technician to help you pull off the look, or you do it yourself, we’re sure it’ll come out looking amazing!

These nails can be used all year round and you can change up the designs for the seasons and holidays too.

Which one is your favorite?

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