Reasons For And Prevention Of Acrylic Nail Lift

Acrylic nail lift

Spending 45 to 60 minutes in a spa to prep, sculpt, and fix acrylic nails really improves the look of your nails. But watching the acrylic nail lift within a few days after the nail application is the most painful and disappointing situation.

Usually, your nail technician guarantees that the results last up to one month with proper care. When you fail to give the needed care and maintenance, your acrylic nail starts to peel off or lift.

You can avoid this situation easily by following all the instructions from your spa side. Apart from that, what are the things to be avoided and followed from your side?

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Understanding Acrylic Nail Lifts

Acrylic nail lifting occurs when the artificial nails detach from the natural nail bed, leaving a gap that compromises the overall durability and appearance of your manicure. This separation can happen at different points, such as the free edge or the sidewalls of the nail.

Acrylic nail lifts can occur due to various reasons, including improper application, using low-quality products, or even just everyday wear and tear.

When the nail lifts, it can be painful and unsightly, and it can also lead to bacterial or fungal infections if not properly treated. Understanding the causes of acrylic nail lifts is the initial step in preventing them from happening.

What Causes Acrylic Nails To Lift?

Acrylic nails, the trendy option, helps you enhance the look of your nails if you have short or uneven nails. Many factors play crucial roles in the acrylic nail raise. Here are some.

●      A Nail Technician Without Needed Knowledge

Only an experienced nail technician can help you achieve a long-lasting acrylic nail result. This process is more challenging than you think. Good concentration and knowledge in nail preparation and application are the key qualities of a perfect nail technician.

They should have sound knowledge of nail types, shapes, and characteristics. Only long hours of work experience can bring out a perfect output. Lack of knowledge and experience may end up in an acrylic nail lift in a short duration.

●      Choosing Low-Quality Products

The products we choose for our skin, nail, and hair should be of high quality. Compromising on quality may make you regret it.

The brand and the quality of the chemicals used during the acrylic nail formation have key roles in how tightly it holds your natural nail and how soon your acrylic nails lift.

You cannot expect a better result with low-quality products.

●      Wrong Acrylic Nail Size

After the quality, the size of the nail you choose is important. If you have very short nails, keep that in mind and choose one.

But why is your nail size important here?

Let’s consider your natural nail is very short, and the acrylic nail you applied is very long. In this case, the pressure between the natural nail and acrylic nail increases, resulting in acrylic nail uplift and peel.

So, consider your original nail size before choosing the acrylic nail. Talk with your nail technician, as they can help you better.

●      Incorrect Nail Bed Preparation

The biggest issue most users face with acrylic nails is a slight shift near the cuticle. Improper nail preparation is the major cause here.

Ok, how come cuticle and acrylic nail bonding is connected? If your cuticle was not prepared well or the dead skin cells near the cuticles were not removed completely before pasting the nails, the bonding between your acrylic nails and the cuticle area reduces, and the chances of nail shift increase.

●      Negligence In Filing Natural Nail

After nail preparation, you cannot paste the acrylic nail simply on your natural nail. You have to recheck it for the presence of dead skin cells. Filing and nail roughening are the two essential steps to be done before applying the acrylic nail.

Generally, it is difficult to glue anything on a smooth surface. But we can do it easily on rough surfaces. The same rule applies here. A rough nail surface holds the nail tight.

To achieve that, first, soak your fingers in warm water for some time. Then, use a nail filer, a tool used for shaping the edges and surface of your natural nail, to remove the leftover dead skin cells and natural oil from your nail body. Also, wipe your nail body using a nail remover to clear away all the impurities.

●      Skipping Nail Dehydrating And Priming

The next step is wiping off all the moisture particles from your nails. You can use a nail dehydrator to do that. It will help you achieve this better.

What do we do before painting a surface? We use a primer on it to seal the stains and imperfections. Thus, it helps the paint adhere well to the surface.

In the same way, you have to use nail primer on your nail as the next step. It increases the adherence and life of your acrylic nails and avoids acrylic nail lift.

●      Incorrect Gluing Method

For acrylic extensions, some may use nail forms, and others may use nail tips. Both are effective and long-lasting if done properly. Here the gluing should be done perfectly from your nail technician’s side.

If it is not done correctly, the risk of acrylic nail lift and peel may increase.

●      Skipping The Final Gel Coating

After applying the acrylic nail, the final step is coating your nails with gel. This gel coating acts as an extra wall of protection for your acrylic nails. It protects your nails from harmful external factors. You have to repeat this weekly from your spa or home for the long life of acrylic nails.

●      Doing Heavy Works With Your Acrylic Nails

Everyday wear and tear can also cause acrylic nail lifts. Activities such as washing dishes, typing on a keyboard, or even just using your hands can cause the nail to lift if it is not properly adhered to the natural nail bed. Additionally, using harsh chemicals or cleaning products can also contribute to lifting.

●      Lack Of Maintenance

Once the application procedure is done, good maintenance is essential. You need to fill in the acrylic mixture in the gap between your cuticle and nail every two to three weeks. It is important to follow all the instructions given by your nail technician. Protect your acrylic nails from harmful factors that damage their structure and shape. Without proper maintenance, you can expect a long-lasting result.

How To Keep Your Acrylic Nails From Lifting?

Avoiding simple mistakes from your and spa sides can help keep your acrylic nails from lifting. Check the following things to ensure long-lasting acrylic nails.

  • Ensure that the nail preparation is done correctly.
  • Do not apply the acrylic without removing the natural oils from your nails.
  • Ensure that you have done priming and dehydration correctly.
  • Move the cuticle properly to provide the needed space for your acrylic nail.
  • Avoid excess nail filling.
  • Choose the good quality products
  • Pick the size that suits your natural nail size.
  • Do your nail filing with more care.
  • Follow all the instructions given from your spa side.
  • Do not do complex work with your acrylic nails.
  • Do not expose your acrylic nails to chemicals and hot water.
  • Do the final gel coating without fail, and repeat it weekly once.
  • Do the acrylic mixture refill periodically without fail.

How To Fix A Lifted Acrylic Nail At Home?

Small damages or minor lifts can be corrected from your side.

Go to the cosmetic products supply shop to buy nail glue. You can fix the lifted acrylic simply with this.

Even though it is easy, you cannot simply apply this glue to the gap between your cuticle and nail. First, you have to clean this gap by dipping your fingers in alcohol for a few minutes.

But why is this essential? This is essential to clear the bacteria accumulation and natural oils in that gap.

After clearing the bacteria buildup, now reapply the nails using the nail glue. With this method, you can correct small lifts. After completing all the steps, clear and moisturize the skin around your nails to avoid irritations.

If you notice a big lift, pain, or any severe infections in the gap, go to your spa and remove it or correct it based on the exact procedures. Once you plan to visit your spa for the correction, do it immediately. Wasting time may negatively impact the situation and worsen the infection.

How Can Acrylic Nails Be Removed Without Acetone?

The most known way to remove acrylic nails is using acetone. Even though it is the most popular way, it is quite harmful to your natural nails. So better go with some simple options.

You can use warm water to remove your acrylic nails. Simply soak your fingers in soap and warm water solution for a few minutes. It will help you remove your acrylic nails easily without any harm to your natural nails and fingers.

You can also use good-quality cuticle oil or acetone-less nail remover to remove it.

Products To Use For A Long-Lasting Manicure

Using the right products is crucial for attaining a long-lasting manicure. Here are some high-quality products to consider:

  • OPI Nail Lacquer: OPI Nail Lacquer is a high-quality polish that is available in a wide range of colors. It is long-lasting and chip-resistant, making it a great choice for a flawless manicure.
  • Essie Gel Couture: Essie Gel Couture is a two-step system that includes a long-wear polish and a top coat. It provides up to 14 days of wear and is available in various shades.
  • Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat: It is a quick-drying top coat that provides a high-shine finish. It also helps prevent chipping and peeling, making it a great choice for a long-lasting manicure.

By using high-quality products, you can achieve a flawless and long-lasting manicure.

DIY Nail Care Tips

Maintaining your nails between manicures is important for keeping them healthy and strong. Here are some DIY nail care tips to help you achieve beautiful nails:

  • Moisturize Daily: Moisturizing your nails and cuticles daily can help keep them healthy and strong. Use a nourishing oil or cream to keep your nails and cuticles hydrated.
  • Avoid Using Your Nails as Tools: Using them as tools can weaken and damage them. Avoid using your nails to open cans, scratch off stickers, or do anything that can cause damage.
  • Eat a Healthy Diet: Consuming a healthy diet can help promote healthy nails. Ensure that you consume foods abundant in protein, vitamins, and minerals to effectively preserve the strength of your nails.
  • Use a Nail Strengthener: A nail strengthener can help promote strong and healthy nails. Look for a formula that includes vitamins and minerals to nourish and strengthen your nails.

Following these DIY nail care tips can help keep your nails healthy and strong between manicures.

Fix Your Acrylic Nail Shift Easily

Your acrylic nail may lift for many reasons. Understanding the reason why it fails so soon can help you avoid the mistake in the initial stage. Maintain apparent nail hygiene and fix the issues with the needed care. Thus, you can enjoy the additional beauty of your nails for a long period.


Q: Which alcohols are suitable for cleaning your acrylic nails?

A: You can use isopropyl alcohol or mild hand sanitizer to clean your acrylic nails.

Q: What factors should be considered while using acrylic nails for the first time?

A: If you are using it for the first time, start with a shorter size. Get professional advice to choose the best brand and size. Once you become familiar with this nail type, you can go for larger ones.

Q: How can I fix acrylic nails lifting at home?

A: If you experience minor lifting, you can carefully file the lifted area and apply a small amount of nail glue to secure it back into place.

Q: Can I fix acrylic nails lifting without professional help?

A: While minor lifting can be addressed at home, it is advisable to seek professional assistance for significant or recurrent lifting to prevent further damage or infection.

Q: Can I wear nail polish over lifted acrylic nails?

A: Applying nail polish over lifted acrylic nails is not advisable as it can exacerbate the lifting problem. It’s best to address the issue before applying any nail polish.

Q: How long do acrylic nails usually last before lifting occurs?

A: Acrylic nails typically last for two to three weeks before signs of lifting may appear. Nevertheless, by providing appropriate care and maintenance, you can prolong their lifespan.

Q: Is it normal for acrylic nails to lift during the initial few days?

A: Some minor lifting during the initial days of application is common as the nails settle and adjust. However, if the lifting persists or worsens, it’s best to seek professional advice.


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