35 Baby Blue Nails Ideas

Baby Blue Nails

Baby blue is a romantic, popular color that can be worn during any season to brighten up your day!

This soft, tranquil color looks beautiful on any skin tone and can be paired with various outfits. They also pair perfectly with coffin nails and short nail designs.

White short nails are also a great place to start!

Here are 35 gorgeous manicures to try out on your next visit to the nail salon!

Glitter Pretty Nails

Baby Blue Glitter Nails

This blue polish will perk up any occasion!

A slight sparkle nail design with beautiful blue tones makes these cute short nails special.

You could even alternate with nude nails on each finger for a whole new look.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Baby Blue

Baby Blue Cloudy Nails

This almond nails simple manicure makes for some cute nails!

Try these as spring nails.

A change in texture with the white swirl design creates some fabulous nails, great for any skin tone.

Long Coffin Nails

Long Coffin Nails

Who doesn’t love a good coffin nail?

The long nail isn’t for everybody, but these acrylic nails sure are beautiful.

We also have a list that has blue flame nails here!

Mermaid Gold Leaf

Mermaid Gold Leaf Nails

These glamorous nails are perfect for the summertime, or any time!

Mermaid gold leaf nail design involves applying gold leaf foil onto the nails, creating a shimmery and luxurious look.

The gold leaf frequently coalesces with other mermaid-inspired elements such as iridescent colors (a mix of blue, green, and purple shades resembling the colors of the ocean), glitter, and seashell motifs to create a unique, glamorous design.

Razzle Dazzle

Razzle Dazzle Sparkly Nails

These nails feature a white glitter nail accent, plus some added sparkle on the end of the nail.

Razzle dazzle nail design often features bright and bold colors, such as red, pink, and purple, and is customized to suit different occasions and preferences.

You can use rhinestones and sequins to create a dazzling effect on your nails.

If you’re fun-loving and want to add a touch of glamour, the razzle-dazzle nail art can be a great choice.

Short Coffin Nails French Tips

Short Coffin Nails French Tips

This is a trendy nail design that combines the popular coffin nail shape with a classic French tip style.

With the aid of a file, the nails are fashioned into a square with a tapered end. A baby blue A-line is painted on the nail tips, giving the nails a clean, elegant appearance. The base of the nails is painted nude.

Any occasion – casual clothing or formal settings – is appropriate for this design.

Attempt contrasting colors of all kinds as well.

Glitter Beauty Cute Acrylic Nails

Glitter Beauty Cute Acrylic Nails

Featuring a glitter accent nail, this acrylic set uses tons of different ideas in one manicure.

Sculpt and shape the acrylic nails to the desired length and shape, and then deck with glitter and other cute embellishments of your choice.

This nail art adds a bit of sparkle and glamour to the nails.

Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly

The butterfly nails trend has been super popular throughout 2021, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down; this is one of the best blue nails ideas!

Flower Short Nails

Flower Short Nails

Instead of the same long nail designs, try out some short nail designs!

This manicure features some cool nail designs and flower nail art.

Monochrome Blue Color

Monochrome Blue Color

Instead of fingernails coated in the same nail polish, try out a different color look ranging from baby blue to navy blue to switch it up.

This type of blue nail art, design, or style makes use of a variety of blue hues within a single color palette. The idea often entails utilizing various intensities of the same hue, from light, pastel tones to darker navy blues, to create a coherent design that results in a harmonious and aesthetically beautiful color scheme.

Matte Coffin

Matte Coffin Nails

These matte nails should definitely be your next nail design.

If you’re having a party or picnic, matte blue will offer you a striking, contemporary twist.

Perfect Accent Nail

Perfect Accent Nail

Did you know that an accent nail is the best way to prevent a boring manicure?

You have to do this adorable blue nail polish manicure with a glitter accent.

Trendy TikTok Nails

Trendy TikTok Nails

These blue acrylic nails feature an oval shape that has been all over the internet.

These gorgeous nails have a simple swirl pattern in a beautiful light blue color.

You can also add an orange nails tint around the swirl pattern for a whole new look!

Day Wear Ombre Tips

Day Wear Ombre Tips

These high gloss coffin nails are one of the best blue nail designs if you don’t want your nails to be all one color (and if you love a gentle ombre); perfect for the springtime!

Short Nails

Short Nails

If you hate the feeling of a long manicure, this nude look will suit you just fine.

These short acrylic nails are the real deal.

Add your favorite nail color to the tips of your nails, and you’re golden!

Blue Glitter Mani

Blue Glitter Mani Nails

This acrylic set is perfect for any special occasion; featuring a little white nail polish and a gentle ombre, the glossy nail truly sets the tone of these blue acrylic nails.

Look at those sparkles!

Blue Hearts

Blue Hearts Nails

This blue nail art is all over TikTok.

The blue color mixed with black nails is undefeated!

Using some swipe gestures with a detail brush, you’ll love your new manicure!

Bright Blue

Bright Blue Nails

These long coffin nails have an adorable color to them!

We love this lovely nail polish and the glossy look.

Stunning Butterfly

Baby Blue Stunning Butterfly Nails

This summery set is perfect for this time of year; it might be getting colder, but this gel mani is great for those of us who love summer.

Dark Blue Nails

Dark Blue Nails

This list might be for baby blue nails, but who doesn’t love a dark blue nail polish color?

This set offers simplicity and confidence.

Blue Flame

Blue Flame Nails

This gorgeous combination of clear, white, and blue is bursting with creativity; no nail stickers required for this nail idea!

Blue Snowflakes

Blue Snowflake Nails

Winter is around the corny, and what a great way to celebrate! The details on this set are perfect.

Wedding Nail Art

Wedding Nail Art

One of our best fabulous blue nail designs on this list; we adore these fake nails!

Sheer perfection.

Floral Nail Inspo

Blue Floral Nails

Check out this blue nail design!

The nail art design is out of this world.

The rhinestones provide just the right amount of shimmer, and the baby color suits the acrylics perfectly.

Pretty Nails

Blue Pretty Nails

Who doesn’t like the color blue?

If you love glitter, you’ll adore these ombre tips!

This blue manicure will definitely up your nail game.

Chrome Blue Nail Polish Color

Chrome Blue Nail Polish Color

These stunning dark blue nails has a magical blue radiance with the perfect balance of dark and light.

Square Aquamarine

Square Aquamarine Nails

Aquamarine and baby blue are color siblings, so this set is a great idea if you want to change it up.

Use different colors with this short square shape for best results!

Dark Navy Almond

Dark Navy Almond Nails

This beautiful navy looks stunning with a matte top coat!

If you like a toned-down manicure, this chic nail polish color won’t bring so much attention to your hands.

Butterfly Blue Nails

Butterfly Blue Nails

This look uses a beautiful icy shade for some light blue nails; the marbling design is an adorable look, and we can’t get enough of those butterflies!

Definitely a winning nail art design.

Flower Acrylic Nail Designs

Flower Acrylic Nail Designs

Inspire yourself with this gorgeous floral nail art.

You can use a false nail or some acrylic with your favorite shades; we love matte blue nails.

Half Diamond Design

Half Diamond Design Nails

This coffin nail look uses a magnificent bright color; you could do the whole thing with your choice of different colors, but we love this baby nail look.

Long Square Nails

Long Square Nails

Keep this glossy nail look in the front of your mind next time you go to the salon; you don’t need a celebrity nail artist to get a great manicure!

Dark Blue Flame

Dark Blue Flame Nails

This list wouldn’t be complete without these royal blue flame nails. This look is at the top when it comes to dark blue nail ideas.

Seeing Stars

Seeing Star Nails

These nails are a great deal upgraded from your standard blue manicure.

Let’s go stargazing!

Hazy Icy Blue

Hazy Icy Blue Nails

In addition to a beautiful length, this set features some gorgeous gold leaf and various shades of blue for the perfect manicure.

Caring For Baby Blue Nails

There are a plethora of alternatives to nail designs available, whether you prefer a plain baby blue polish or want to try glitter, ombre, or dramatic accents. But that’s not all! If you want to flaunt any of these nail art designs or styles, you must take them post-application.

  • Maintenance Tips: It is crucial to keep your nails and the nail art clean and dry. Wash your hands with water and a mild soap that is kind to your skin. Use of harsh chemicals that could harm the nail polish should be avoided.
  • Longevity Tips:  To make baby blue nail polish last longer, apply a topcoat. This approach will help protect the nail polish from chipping. Also, avoid working with your nails as tools and keep them far off from water as much as possible.
  • Removal Tips:  Use an acetone-based nail polish remover. Immerse a cotton ball in the remover and place it on your nail. Wrap your finger in foil to keep the cotton ball in place. After a few minutes, the nail polish should come off easily.


These designs are an awesome way to show off some stylish baby blue nail polish designs.

These nails look and feel like art and will definitely attract some compliments from other people!

Whether this is your favorite color or you’re simply looking for pretty nail designs, we hope you give one of these a try.


Q:  How long does baby blue nail polish last?

A:  Baby blue nail polish can last up to a week if properly maintained.

Q:  Can I do my own baby blue nails at home?

A:  Yes, baby blue nails can be done at home. All you need is a bottle of baby blue nail polish and a topcoat. Nail art can also be done at home with some practice.

Q:  Can I add other colors to my baby blue manicure?

A: Yes, you can add other colors to your baby blue manicure to create a unique and personalized look. Some popular colors to pair with baby blue include white, gold, silver, and pink.

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