How to look prettier in an instant: 15 Tips to look prettier

How to look prettier

If you’re wondering how to look prettier, let’s get one thing straight, you are already pretty!

But, we get it.

Covid-19 put a stop to beauty rituals and kept most of us inside, making it normal to lounge in pajamas and skip the makeup routine.

Going a while without a self-care routine, the insecurities start to show up, calling for a reminder of just how pretty we can be.

It’s about effin’ time we get our glow going and stop waiting for “next season” to happen.

That’s why we’ve got 15 tips on how to be prettier and bring out your good features.

But first things first, you should probably complete our glow up challenge.

Most of our tips focus on self-care because feeling pretty starts on the inside; good thing you already know that!

But adding some nude nails and short nail designs to the equation definitely can help.

So, next time you’re feeling under the weather, take these tips out for a spin, remembering just how beautiful you are.

How to look prettier: The basics

Let’s get into the exact steps you can take to look pretty and feel amazing.

How to look prettier tip #1: Take good care of your skin

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know that the no. 1 tip on how to become pretty is to take good care of your skin.

There is nothing that makes us feel more “blah” than dry, dull, lifeless skin.

That’s why investing in skin care products from Cerave or Cetaphil that promote healthy, happy pores is a must.

Work with a dermatologist and jump on a beauty routine for your skin type that keeps all of your beautiful faces fresh and hydrated while preventing acne, oily skin, and breakouts.

Or you can use products from this exact dermatologist formulated routine for oily skin to reduce acne and pimples.

Start off with a face wash (cleanser), toner, and moisturizer.

These will surely become your best friend to fend off blemishes.

Be sure to rinse off all of the cleanser with warm water for the best beauty benefits.

Then, wake up each morning with a clean complexion full of moisture, ready to take on whatever comes your way!

Not only will this put your skin in good health, but there’s nothing like the dewy glow of healthy skin, helping you feel radiant and confident.

P. S. adding a spritz of rosewater to finish off your skin routine can give you a natural aura like no other and it may even reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Also, don’t forget to use an exfoliant every week to slough off dead skin cells the easy way.

Just don’t do it more than 1-2 times per week (spaced out) to avoid redness/dryness/irritation or premature aging.

Read our top 20 tips for how to get clear skin for a great start to your newest skincare routine!

How to look prettier tip #2: Keep good hygiene

Let’s approach this from another angle.

If you don’t already have good habits regarding your hygiene in the first place, now’s the time for that.

There is something about a great shower that leaves us refreshed.

That’s why tip number 2 for how to look pretty is to focus on your hygiene.

Take a nice shower with hot water and work up aromotic suds by scrubbing the stress and negativity away.

The important thing is that you take care of everything from your head to the rest of your body so you can walk out the door with your head held high.

For an extra “oomph” to your confidence, spritz a bit of your favorite fragrance before you walk out the door, surrounding yourself in good smells and transmitting good vibes.

Don’t forget to add moisture to the skin, using a hydrating cream or oil for a smooth-to-the-touch feel.

Oh, and trim those long nails on your fingertips while you’re at it.

This will definitely fill a big part of your glow up.

How to look prettier tip #3: Healthy nutrition

Having good nutrition means a healthy balance of vitamins and nutrients, giving your immune system (and mood) a boost.

This is increasingly important as you age.

Add veggies, fresh fruits, a glass of milk, avocado, and healthy oils to your daily snacks, and notice an immediate change.

Not only will a clean diet boost your overall good health, but it will be an essential part of your glow!

Healthy food diet example:

Breakfast: Start your morning with some overnight oats/wheat germ and a glass of detox juice/black tea with a side of cantaloupe and pear.

Lunch: Enjoy your favorite lean meat/protein (chicken, tofu, etc) with some sort of carbohydrates(rice, potatoes, etc) and veggies (carrots, spinach, etc.)

Pro tip: Add in a bit of olive oil to your meal for a boost of flavor and some healthy omega-3 fatty acids!

Dinner: Salmon pan-seared in olive oil with broccoli, carbohydrates, salad, and a glass of cold water.

Having a variety of healthy foods will ensure that you’re getting all 10 essential amino acids.

Even if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, most plant-based foods contain the essential amino acids at different levels.

P. S. avoid foods with saturated and trans fats!

Opt for polyunsaturated fats instead with foods such as avocados or peanut butter.

Making sure to include important vitamins and nutrients will make you feel better and strengthen your willpower over time.

If you’re ready to get serious about your food choices, be sure to include foods with these vitamins and nutrients.

  • Vitamin C: Oranges, Cantaloupe, Pineapple, Kiwi, Tomatoes
  • Vitamin A: Carrots, Sweet Potato, Apricots, Pumpkin
  • B Vitamins (b1, b12, & b6 especially): Wheat germ, whole grain, beans
  • Vitamin D: Mushrooms, Fortified Milk

Expert Tip: Add more vitamins/minerals such as magnesium, calcium, plenty of vitamin C and vitamin D in your diet to promote good nutrition, strong bone structure/tendons, and to keep your body feeling its best.

Calcium/magnesium is found in milk, celery, and other dark color green leafy veggies such as spinach.

How to look prettier tip #4: Exercise

Don’t give us those pouty lips, it’s for your own good we promise!

Throwing in some heart-pumping exercise from a long run/jog on the treadmill and you’ve got an equation for looking good in no time.

Working up a good sweat reveals a healthy glow, which is a clear sign of good health.

If you have access to a gym, going at least 3 times a week for physical activity would be enough to see a difference in your overall physique.

Reducing your overall body fat can lead to not only a slimmer body, but also a more defined face and jawline.

No gym? No problem!

Doing body weight exercises such as squats, squat-jumps, and lunges are a healthy thing that can give you an amazing workout for every part of your body and get you those toned hips for next season!

But remember, you don’t need an hourglass figure to be pretty.

Plus, keeping active reduces wrinkles, promotes good health, and boosts your attraction (to yourself)!

If you don’t drink much water, that needs to change.

Make sure you’re getting enough water per day to avoid dehydration and to rid toxins from your body.

Now that you’re exercising consistently, it’ll be important to make sure you get in enough carbohydrates so that you have energy for your next session in order to keep improving!

Don’t believe in the whole “carbohydrates make you fat” myth.

Carbs won’t make you fat.

As long as your totaly calories aren’t exceeding your total expenditure for the day, you’ll be golden.

How to look prettier tip #5: Get quality sleep

Sleep is linked to a whole lot of goodness.

Not only does it make you feel amazing but, it makes a huge difference in helping your body and mind heal.

Keeping a good sleep schedule on a daily basis plays a large part in looking your best, feeling refreshed, and sharpening your senses to take on the day.

With a good night’s rest, you’ll wake up first thing in the morning to flawless skin, sharper focus, and happier thoughts (even without caffeine!).

Sleep reduces the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, promotes overall good health and complexion.

There is a reason why it’s called beauty sleep!

So make a lifestyle change and shut those lids at the end of the day and wake up nice and refreshed.

Try these unconventional sleep hacks for optimized sleep!

Good sleep habits

We do spend a lot of time sleeping, so it’s important to adopt some good habits to ensure amazing sleep:

  • Try to go to sleep and wake up and the same time each and every night. Our body loves routine and will begin to adapt to the consistent bedtimes.
  • Avoid heavy meals right before bed so your body can recover and not spend all night trying to digest large amounts of food. Finish eating 1-2 hours before bed for improved sleep.
  • Avoid caffeine in late afternoons/evening as this will block sleep receptors and makle it harder to fall asleep.
  • Invest in a silk pillow cover to wake up with less frizz in your hair and more comfortability.
  • Dim your lights and put on a lovely melody to help your mind unwind.
  • Use eye drops before bed to keep your eyes moist.

P. S. hate waking up in the middle of the night to pee? Stop your water intake 2 hours before bedtime to avoid the dreaded midnight bathroom sprint which throws off your sleep cycle.

How to look prettier: Taking it to the next level

It’s time to take those beautiful faces to the next level, girlies.

How To Look Prettier: Next Level

How to look prettier tip #6: Find a makeup look you love

Beauty comes from within and is all about bringing out your best features.

If you feel great, you look great; and that’s a fact!

Though makeup is optional, it has the power to elevate your good features and bring them out.

So, find a makeup look you like and try it out.

The key when wearing makeup is to bring out your features, not to change them. That’s why a little concealer goes a long way.

So start with a natural look.

Keep the eyebrows shaped and clean, eyelashes curled, and always use moisturizer with a matte finish before any makeup look.

Pop some mascara on your long lashes, brush a bit of light color blush on your cheeks, and dab your favorite lipstick/lip balm on your lips for a simple yet glamourous look that enhances your skin tone.

If you’re still a beginner, there are plenty of makeup artist tutorials on YouTube that teach you exactly how to apply makeup without making a mess!

Whether you’re looking to master mascara eye makeup or just dying to have the perfect eyebrows or eyeliner, both are totally attainable with a bit of makeup and some practice.

Beauty Tip: Use a highlighter in places where the sun naturally hits your face (cheekbones, nose, and chin) and bronzer on the collarbone and forehead for a subtle, chic glow up.

Oh! And don’t forget the sunscreen and maybe a little red lipstick with a matte finish for that dramatic red lip look.

Yeah this is an entire look, girl.

Check out these MAC lipstick dupes to take your collection to a new level — without breaking the bank.


Don’t forget to do your nails too!

Trying some different short acrylic nails designs or coffin nails can be a real eye catcher.

Taking monthly visits to the spa for a mani-pedi and to get those cuticles in check will make you feel so confident!

Depending on the season, you can also get festive with the designs such as fall nails!

Or you can stick with a design that never goes out of style such as black nails.

Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be feeling amazing when those nails are on point!

How to look prettier tip #7: Get cute clothes that fit you and your style

There is nothing better in this world than a pair of cute clothes that are the perfect size!

Ok, well also a whole new outfit, a red dress, stylish high heels, pair of jeans, and anything red!

The key is finding fits and styles you love.

The right fit can highlight your curves, helping you feel confident.

So, take a day to focus on your wardrobe, adding things that catch your eye.

Go for bold colors, fun prints, or even some skirts to play up your style and kiss your insecurities goodbye!

P. S. You don’t have to follow typical popular fashion trends. You are your own person and can pick something that fits your vibe!Find clothes that compliment your body shape and you’ll be set!

Grab some nude heels

Nude heels are one of the latest styles that are so popular these days because they make your legs appear longer and even give you a slight booty lift when you pose for pics!

You’ll wanna try these out.

These heels will make you feel more feminine which is a key ingredient in a recipe for looking pretty.

Since these are such a neutral color, they are very easy to mix and match with your new wardrobe and they’ll make you feel stylish AF.

Try on a pair next time you’re at the mall and see the difference for yourself!

How to look prettier tip #8: Try a new hairstyle

When we have a bad hair day, everything seems to be a mess.

The good news is that bad hair days only come around once in a blue moon.

If you’ve had the same hair for a while, why not try and give it a change?

We have entire guides on purple hair dye for dark hair and Pop Smoke braids for you to try!

Take that messy bun or ponytail down and work with your stylist to highlight your brows, shape your forehead, and frame your face.

You can even mess with the length, curling irons, or even braids to spice things up with a different hairstyle.

Even just adding random bits of color to your strands can breathe life back into your hair, giving you goddess locks that are sure to make you feel prettier.

Once you have a new haircut, style it up and add a serum for your hair type to add gloss and make it shine!

How to look prettier tip #9: Add a new perfume/fragrance

We associate scents with attraction, and are drawn to those that smell good.

That’s why adding a new perfume or fragrance can make you smell great all day and complete the perfect beauty makeover!

Find your preference by trying out new scents until you find your favorite.

You’ll leave behind a good impression and an invigorating smell, making people wonder why you’ve got a sudden pep in your step.

How to look prettier tip #10: Have time for yourself

Yep, it’s that time of the day again.

Though we all live busy lives, there is nothing that can leave you feeling like your best self than some quality time with yourself.

Start with some yoga each morning to improve your posture and flexibility.

At night, have a glass of red wine and pop on your favorite podcast, enjoying a little TLC.

Make a mini DIY spa day and give yourself a manicure, an avocado face mask, and a cucumber eye treatment that reduces puffiness and relaxes stress away.

While you’re at it, throw on a deep conditioner and nose strips for a head-to-toe treatment.

Afterward, take time to reflect with meditation, checking in with yourself to see how you’re doing.

You’ll feel more connected to yourself, seeing yourself in a more positive (and beautiful) light.

When you glow on the inside, it shows on the outside, surrounding you in an aura of beauty.

How to look prettier tip #11: Smile more

Smiling from ear to ear not only makes us feel pretty but also makes others feel happy too.

Smiling is contagious, spreading from person to person within seconds.

So, smiling is a great way to feel prettier, making you appear friendly, happy, and positive-which means instant attraction!

Various scientific studies have proven that people find others that smile more attractive.

Work with your dentist to reveal bright, pearly whites that you can’t help but pair with a pretty smile.

Being pretty is not just about how you look, it’s about how you feel, so make happiness a new norm and practice it daily.

Beauty Tip: Nothing makes white teeth glow better than red lipstick or lip gloss. You’re welcome!

Also make sure to be using whitening toothpaste with mouthwash every night!

Good teeth wil give you confidence in your smile and brighten up your whole face when it comes to attractiveness.

How to look prettier tip #12: Schedule spa days

Spa days are a must.

Seeing a specialist with years of experience could give you the perk up you’re looking for.

Depending on your goals, you could go for treatments to add moisture to dry skin, treat acne, oily skin, or breakouts, or clean up cuticles.

Even if you can only go once a month, make it worth it, scheduling a massage and manicure/pedicure combo (this is a good option, trust us).

You can even visit spas that treat eyebrows, too.

Treating your skin is the best way to feel good, transmitting what you feel on the inside-outside.

When your spa day is done, you’ll walk out with a glow like no other, holding your head high, and leaving insecurities behind.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve scheduled a spa day for yourself, go for a combo to find out what you like.

How to look prettier tip #13: Confident mindset

Okay, everyone talks about being confident like it’s some sort of easy thing you can buy off the grocery rack.

While it comes naturally for some, most people need to build up their inner world first and the confidence will follow.

Doing things such as improving your appearance, health, and overall well-being will boost your self image and put your confidence through the roof!

Being the best version of yourself comes with lots of positive side effects.

Of course, following daily affirmations and spreading positivity can improve your overall confidence.

Giving yourself the validation it needs will surely boost your mood!

Don’t focus on your flaws, instead focus on the things you do well.

Going out of your comfort zone and trying new things will wash away insecurities and make you feel more confident in those moments.

You’ll realize stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Whether it’s giving compliments to new people, making eye contact, or something else, you are fully capable of doing those things often.

After all, your inner circle will be the ones who influence you the most!

And you might have to move on from some old school friends. After all, a confident mindset just boils down to how much experience you have in doing something.

So go out there and challenge yourself, you’ll be surprised at what you find!

How to look prettier tip #14: Self-tanner, anyone?

Getting a lil’ tan can be the finishing touch to make you feel prettier.

While getting a bit of sunlight will provide you with vitamin D, be sure to not spend too much time in UV-light to avoid skin damage and skin cancer.

Not to mention being wrinkle-free.

Instead, there are many self-tanner products you can try such as spray tans that last long and aren’t harmful to your skin.In the long run, you’ll thank yourself.

This self-tanner hack is the perfect way to have a quick glow up without any negative side effects!

Self-tanners such as St. Tropez Gradual Tan will easily do the trick.

How to look prettier tip #15: Wear stylish masks

Since we’re in COVID times, we might as well make the best of it.

Wearing a stylsh mask can show off your sense of fashion rather than just using regular white paper ones.

Make sure it fits you well so it can protect you properly while also making a statement!

The verdict on how to look prettier

At the end of the day, there’s a fine line between confidence and insecurity, one which we cross too often.

That’s why jumping on a routine can help you steer clear of negativity, keeping you feeling your best.

No, you don’t need botox or injections, because feeling pretty is not just about how you look, it’s how you feel.

That’s why keeping yourself clean, healthy, and mindful, will radiate your beauty to glow from the inside out, drawing eyes and smiles to you.

You know how to be pretty now, so it’s time to make “next season” this season.

With these simple tricks, being prettier is right on your fingertips.

We hope these tips will help you glow up your inner world and outer appearance!

You are already pretty, and it’s time to remember that, getting your groove back and feeling more fierce each and every day!

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