7 Lipstick Dupes Your Lips Can’t Live Without, That Won’t Break The Bank

Lipstick is one of those products that we change with our mood. Maybe one day, we want a bold red and the next, a soft purple.

Whatever the case, we need variety to spice up our life but, that can come with a cost.

Luckily, there are tons of dupes for the most popular shades, including Mac lipstick dupes that you can find in your local drugstore to top off the perfect makeup look.

Brands like Revlon, Rimmel London (with new Kate Moss colors!), and Maybelline are filled with juicy finds.

Plus, there’s plenty of online brands like NYKAA, with beautiful colors to help create your own palette to change up your look when you feel like it.

Below, we’ve outlined 7 lipstick dupes for some of the most adored shades that won’t break the bank. Plus, we have a few bonuses and beauty tips scatter around that you don’t want to miss out on!

1)Mac cosmetics matte lipstick ‘velvet teddy’ vs Wet n Wild megalast lip color ‘bare it all’

When it comes to nude lipsticks, Mac Velvet Teddy is one of the world’s all-time favorites.

It’s got mocha-licious tones and a perfect matte finish with longevity to last all day long. When fans fell for this color, Mac created a blush with the same brown-pink shade tand other makeup brands like Colourpop followed suit.

While Mac lipstick is the alpha of high end lipsticks, there is a long list of alternative shades, one of which is ‘Bare It All’ from drugstore brand Wet n’ Wild — which just might be the perfect dupe.

Let’s start with the positives.

First of all, the price tag is much smaller.

Second of all, it’s not as pigmented as Velvet Teddy, allowing users to build up to their desired shade.

Where Wet N’ Wild falls short is packaging, with the flimsy plastic cap and lipstick that pops up and out of the tube.

Still, at a price $14 less than Mac’s version (just two bucks!), you can do without the packaging and still have the same sultry look of one of the most famous shades in history. Add a dab of lip gloss to keep it from drying and voila!

You may have met your lipstick soulmate.

2) Mac cosmetics retro matte lipstick in ‘ruby woo’ vs Morphe’s mega matte lipstick in ‘steamy’

Everyone needs a good red.

One of the long-time favorites from Mac cosmetics is Ruby Woo.

It’s perhaps the most popular of red lipsticks, especially for those with olive skin tones. The texture of the matte lip color and bold undertones make it pop, gliding onto the lips with perfection and longevity to make it through the day.

A similar shade of red lipstick comes from Morphe, also in a matte formula with a bit of orange undertones. Morphe’s ‘Steamy’ is a red that, when up against Mac Ruby Woo in Temptalia, looks almost identical.

This affordable dupe comes in at just $6 in Ulta and Sephora stores compared to Ruby Woo’s $20 price tag.

Though it’s never a bad idea to splurge on a red, this lipstick dupe is too good to pass up.

3) Mac matte lipstick in ‘taupe’ vs wet n wild megalast lip color ‘sandstorm’

Another Mac Cosmetics lipstick dupe is Wet N’ Wild’s ‘Sandstorm.’

When compared to Mac’s ‘Taupe’ and Mac ‘Twig,’ it has a similar shade with a slightly more orangy tone.

The brown shade and texture are identical when adding a swatch to the skin, with the same smooth satin finish.

Both are great for the lips and could double as a blush too!

However, when it comes to price, ‘Sanstorm’ comes in at just $2 compared to ‘Taupe’s’ $20.

That’s why, if you’re in the mood for the next shade up from nude, ‘Sandstorm’ is a great dupe to get your hands on.

4) Charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick in ‘pillow talk’ vs NYX cosmetics matte lipstick ‘euro trash’

When Charlotte Tilbury released ‘Pillow Talk,’ cyber space went berserk.

Its pinkish nude tone looks amazing on every single skin tone, making the lips look fuller and more pouty.

Though it’s a matte finish, the formula is enriched with hydrating ingredients that won’t dry the lips out.

Because Tilbury’s obviously cracked the lipstick code, this popular lipstick comes with a price of $34 at Ulta stores.

While you can’t beat luxury, one nude lipstick with a similar pigment is ‘Euro Trash’ from NYX.

It’s got the same creamy texture and that same dreamy, natural pillow-y pink that ‘Pillow Talk’ is known for. Plus, the price is just $6!

Though it’s not an exact dupe, you could try Colourpop lippie stix in ‘Echo Park’ that’s an ideal shade match for just about everyone.

In side swatches of the three, you won’t be able to tell the difference, so choose the one that suits you and your budget best!

Extra Dupe:

If you’re looking for a drugstore dupe for Pillow talk, try out Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick and add liner for extra depth and definition. Give it a whirl and you’ll never look back!

5) Mac all fired up retro matte lipstick vs maybelline color sensational creamy matte lipstick

Mac’s ‘Fired Up’ is a steaming hot pink / fuchsia shade.

It’s not as pinky as Mac Candy Yum Yum (which we LOVE btw!) but darker in tone with more purple-ish vibes.

When trying on in-store, you’ll find that it glides on and leaves behind a great pigment even with just one swatch.

Mac’s lipsticks are hard to dupe but, we’ve found one that’s at the top of the dupe list.

Maybelline’s color sensations are creamy mattes that sit perfect on the lips.

One of their Mac lipstick dupes is nearly identical to ‘Fired Up’ called ‘Faint For Fuchsia.’ Maybelline’s drugstore color sensational line is filled with Mac lipstick dupes, with hues that look similar and textures too.

‘Touch of Spice’ is an alternative as well, though it’s more brown in tone that ‘Faint For Fuchsia.’

Pop these drugstore dupes on with lip liner to define the lips and enjoy an extra bold flush that’s perfect for summer looks.

You can score a tube of ‘Fall For Fuchsia’ for just $7.50 as compared to Mac’s $20 price tag. So, why not go for the dupe over the splurge?

Extra Dupe:

Try out Milani color statement lipstick in ‘Flirty Fuchsia’ for a similar smooth texture and hot pink hue that’s priced at just $5!

6) Mac satin lipstick ‘rebel’ vs wet n wild megalast lipstick ‘sugar plum fairy’

Mac’s ‘Rebel’ shade is to die for! If you’re looking for look ideas out of the norm, this color can take style look to all new heights and make your lips pop!

Though many choose ‘Divine Wine’ as a dupe, we’ve got one better.

We’re talking about Wet N’ Wild’s ‘Sugar Plum Fairy.’

The tones in this one create the perfect purple hue that stole all the it-girl’s hearts.

It’s an exact dupe in terms of shade, gliding on and allowing you to build up if you want more pigment or deeper color.

Though the dark mauve color in both are similar, they do differ in texture just a bit. ‘Rebel’ has a more satin finish whereas ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ has a tinge of gloss to it.

Still, the price difference will allow you to splurge on lipgloss, blush, and maybe another fun color to try.

Mac’s pricetag is $20 and Wet N’ Wild’s just $6. Can you talk about a steal?!

7) Mac russian red vs wet n wild spotlight red

One red shade lipstick that’s made it’s way into everyone’s makeup bag is Mac Russian Red.

It’s been spotted on actresses like Anne Hathaway and made an appearance on the red carpet, big screen, and fashionable city streets.

Another Wet N’ Wild making it on the Mac lipstick dupes list is ‘Spotlight Red.’

Its got a bit more shine to it than Russian Red, but this dupe lipstick is packed with color from the very first swipe.

Just like other price comparisons, it comes in at just $6 compared to Mac’s $20.

Beauty Bonus:

For a trendsetter combo, try the color combination of a red lipstick with a bronze blush. It’s breathtaking and works on all skin tones!

All in all

There’s no reason why you should put your creativity on hold!

Create any makeup look you like and change it up often.

Trying out these lipstick dupes, you’ll have the hottest shades without breaking your piggy bank.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to be fashionable, so start your dreamy lipstick collection today!

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