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French manicure

French Manicure Maintenance: 7 Tips And Tricks

Posted on
French manicures are a classic and timeless look that can enumerate a touch of elegance to any outfit. However, like any manicure, they require proper care and maintenance in order…
Coffin Nails

40 Best Coffin Nails Designs

Posted on
The coffin nail shape has been a popular acrylic nails style for years and is only gaining traction. As women love their long claws, the coffin shape can be implemented…
white short nails

25 White Short Nails Designs You Need to Try

Posted on
White short nails offer an equally exciting and creative outlet for nail enthusiasts, contrary to the belief that elaborate acrylic or brightly colored nails are the sole means of achieving…
Short nail designs

33 Beautiful Short Nail Designs

Posted on
Short nail designs have become increasingly popular as more people opt for a shorter length and more practical manicure. Short nails continue to be on-trend, with many people seeking inspiration…
Polka dot nail

10 Unique Polka Dot Nail Art Ideas

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In the golden age of Hollywood, the allure of polka dots was undeniable, thanks to iconic actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Their unforgettable performances and timeless fashion choices…
Gel nail designs

Gel Nail Designs: A Guide To Stylish Manicures

Posted on
Are you tired of chipped and short-lived regular manicures? Then, long-lasting and fashionable gel nails are the right solution. They have become popular in recent years due to their durability,…
Spring Nails

30 Spring Nails Ideas You Can’t Live Without

Posted on
Whether you prefer daisy nails to rainbow nails, floral patterns, flame nails, pastel hues, butterfly nails or bold designs, there is a plenitude of trendy nail art ideas to choose…
Oval nail design

Fall In Love With These 13 Oval Nail Designs

Posted on
The classic oval-shaped nails are perfect slate for presenting complex nail designs and gorgeous color shades. Whether you want to add some glamorous vibes to your everyday look or make…

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