Crow’s Feet: Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Fine Lines Anymore

Fine Lines

If character lines have already appeared on your face, you can still have some luck because it’s usually easier to remove crow’s feet than to get rid of more obvious furrows or grooves elsewhere on the face.

The small creases around your eyes, which are often shallow and simple to reach, are the target of a crow’s feet treatment plan. It’s advisable to start treatment for fine lines (crow’s feet) as soon as possible because they get deeper with time.

To address crow’s feet, you have various choices, including DIY therapies, over-the-counter products like firming eye creams, and cosmetic procedures performed by a professional.

Use these suggestions to discover how to get rid of crow’s feet for a beautiful complexion and avoid letting small lines make you look older than you are.

What Are Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s feet are nothing but fine lines that appear around the corners of your eyes. The fine lines get deeper as we age over time due to the tiny muscular contractions on the delicate skin with our frequent facial expressions.

The other primary reasons for fine lines’ appearance are loss of skin elasticity and collagen underproduction.

What Do Crow’s Feet Look Like?

Fine lines or crow’s feet are similar to lines on the skin of your palms. You will see hazy lines initially near the corners of the eyes. In front of the mirror, if you make facial expressions, you may be able to see the lines more clearly – if you are more concerned.

These fine lines usually start after 25 and are more prominent in people aged 40 to 55. Crow’s feet are reversible if noticed early and take appropriate treatment or natural remedies.

Here are some symptoms of crow’s feet:

  • Of course, the small creases at the corners of your eyes
  • Crinkling of the skin near the tear ducts
  • Lines under the lower eyelids
  • Skin sagging under the eyes
  • Sunken eyes
  • Horizontal lines around the eyes

How To Prevent Fine Lines From Forming In The First Place?

The appearance of fine lines is inevitable as part of the aging process. Still, yes, you can address them with the help of natural remedies and other preventive methods.

Making some of the changes listed below can help prevent or delay the occurrence of fine lines:

1.  Change Your Lifestyle

  • Moisturize the skin around the eyes with eye cream.
  • Avoid too much sun exposure. Wear a hat and apply sunscreen to prevent your face from UV exposure.
  • Try to use natural ingredients in your regular skincare routines.
  • Drink more water to maintain the hydration level of your skin.
  • Mild exfoliation around the eye can help slough off dead skin cells and encourage new cell growth. It may create a smoother surface.
  • If you have any allergies or skin conditions, promptly treat them with appropriate medication to prevent the occurrence of fine lines.

2.  Consume Essential Vitamins And Minerals

Vitamins & MineralsWhat It DoesSource
  • An essential micronutrient that helps us stay strong and healthy.

  • It plays a crucial role in strengthening our bones and teeth.

  • It supports skin cell renewal and aids in preventing wrinkles formation and skin sagging.

  • It helps maintain the skin's natural hydration level.

  • Milk

  • Cheese

  • Yogurt

  • Edamame

  • Sardines

  • Salmon

  • Almonds
  • Magnesium
  • Magnesium deficiency leads to skin dryness and a lack of skin elasticity.

  • Consuming more magnesium-rich foods supports collagen synthesis and repairs free radical damage, thus reducing fine lines.
  • Pumpkin Seeds

  • Almonds

  • Spinach

  • Cashews

  • Peanuts

  • Soymilk

  • Black beans

  • Edamame

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Peanut Butter
  • Folic Acid
  • Folic acid helps your body develop healthy skin cells and fight premature aging, specifically fine lines.

  • It also plays a vital role in collagen production too.

  • It is available as capsule supplements, powder, moisturizers, gels, creams, serums, fortified bread/flour, and fortified cereals.

  • Broccoli

  • Brussels Sprouts

  • Cabbage

  • Kale

  • Spring Greens

  • Spinach

  • Peas

  • Chickpeas

  • Kidney Beans

  • Liver
  • Collagen
  • Collagen is the vital protein that keeps your skin wrinkle-free, firm, and healthy.

  • Maintaining collagen levels in the body is necessary because it starts to drop in your mid to late 20s and dramatically drops by 40.
  • Chicken

  • Fish

  • Shellfish

  • Egg Whites

  • Citrus Fruits

  • Berries

  • Tropical Fruits

  • Garlic

  • Polyphenols
  • The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can help slow down your skin aging and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Overeating polyphenol-rich foods may prevent our bodies from absorbing iron.

  • Green Tea

  • Grapes

  • Red Fruits

  • Apples

  • Onions

  • Artichokes

  • Cherries

  • Cocoa Powder

  • Yellow Chilies

  • Mushrooms

  • Carotenoids
  • The potent antioxidants prevent skin cell damage.

  • It also stimulates collagen production in your skin and reduce water loss, maintaining the skin's hydration level.
  • Carrots

  • Orange/Yellow/Red Bell Peppers

  • Apricots

  • Collard Greens

  • Kale

  • Acorn Squash

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Spinach
  • Does Face Yoga Help Reduce Fine Lines Around The Eyes?

    Yes, to some extent. Yoga helps us stretch, strengthen, and restore skin texture and the body’s muscles. We are all well aware that yoga helps boost our general well-being and mood; it can also improve skin health by reducing puffiness and fine lines around the eyes.

    Face Yoga Exercise #1

    1. Give some pressure to the inner corners of the eyebrows with both middle fingers.
    2. Simultaneously, apply gentle pressure to the outer corners of the eyebrows with the index fingers.
    3. In this position, raise your eyes to look at the ceiling and elevate the skin below your eyes in an upward direction.
    4. Next, do a strong squint and then relax.
    5. Repeat this process at least six times.
    6. Finally, squeeze your eyes shut tightly for 10 seconds.

    Face Yoga Exercise #2

    1. First, place your index fingers on the area below the center of your eyes.
    2. Now, gently massage the area by moving the fingers toward your temples until you reach each outer eye.
    3. Now, gently pull the skin in that area to smoothen out the wrinkles, and squint in the upward direction for a few seconds.
    4. Repeat the process five times.

    These specific exercises can help clear minimally visible crow’s feet around your eyes.

    Effective Treatments For Deeper Lines Under The Eyes

    If you have no time to maintain a skin care regimen and have deeper lines under your eyes, the following cosmetic procedures can assist in tightening the skin around the eyes.

    • Chemical Peels: Surfacing the skin is an efficient way to get rid of shallow wrinkles.
    • Fillers: The hollows under your eyes can be filled with hyaluronic acid-based fillers.
    • Botox: This substance can relax the muscles and reduce the appearance of deeper lines above and beside the eyes.
    • Lower Eyelid Surgery: This technique addresses severe wrinkles, heavy puffiness, and sagging. The skin behind your eyes can be tightened and smoothed by removing drooping skin and extra fat during blepharoplasty, often known as lower eyelid surgery.
    • Laser Resurfacing: Similar to a chemical peel, laser resurfacing is a standard procedure that encourages the creation of new collagen.

    Smoothen Out Your Fine Lines

    It’s crucial to follow an effective skincare regimen for anti-aging. It’s significant to take good care of your skin by properly cleaning, toning, and moisturizing it. Another important factor is a top-notch eye cream. Utilizing your ring finger, which is the hand’s weakest finger and so exerts the least amount of pressure on the delicate eye area, apply your eye cream very lightly.

    Make sure to adopt additional anti-aging measures in your daily activities. Sunscreen use, sufficient sleep, water consumption, and moderate alcohol use slow down skin aging. However, despite your best attempts, crow’s feet could still develop. Fortunately, various treatments are available to make your skin smoother and flawless.


    Q:  What exercise tightens the skin on the face?

    A:  Try to smile broadly while putting your fingertips into the spaces between your lips and nose. As you lift the muscles, apply resistance by pressing your fingertips into the muscles. Your cheek muscles will become stronger, giving you the traditional youthful sign of plump, round cheeks.

    Q:  Does swimming make your face tense up?

    A:  Drinking extra water might cause the skin on your arms, legs, stomach, and jawline to tighten. It results from the water making the skin more elastic and preventing sagging.

    Q:  Which vitamins help tighten saggy skin?

    A:  Vitamin E protects skin from sun damage; vitamin C retains and protects skin-firming fibers like collagen and elastin, and vitamin A aids in hydrating the lowest layer of skin. Eat more leafy greens and vibrant fruits and vegetables to use this strong defense against your skin.


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