8 Must-Read Psychology Books To Help You Better Understand Yourself And Your Potential

Psychology Books

One of the key positives of the pandemic was the fact that as a society, we began to recognize what we truly want out of life and have begun to go after it.

In doing so there have been many books released that can help you reach your potential and become who you truly want to be.

Below we will discuss the top eight must-read books in 2022 to better understand yourself and your personal psychology.

Insight – Dr. Tasha Eurich

Before even beginning on a journey of understanding yourself you must be willing to make an honest and realistic assessment of who you currently are today.

The “meta-skill” of self-understanding is argued by Eurich as the most important of the century.

After the assessment, the reader is then able to find fun ways to understand who they are further and creative methods on how to change including the use of a “miracle question” – if your life could change overnight towards what you truly wanted, what would that change be? 

Live More, Think Less – Pha Callesen

Clinical Psychologist Pia Callesen surveyed individuals on which trait they would most like to change about themselves.

Come to find out the most popular choice was to become less neurotic – to be more emotionally stable and less anxious.

For those that have trouble worrying constantly, her tips are able to help you settle your mind and embrace change while simultaneously becoming more stable emotionally.

Often we are the only ones standing in our way of change and she helps us get out of the way. 

The Art and Science of Personality Development – Dan P. McAdams

Written by psychology professor Dan P. McAdams with contemporary scientific psychological views, this book explains how the human personality is made up of five key traits: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

After introducing the traits,  he explains their relative stability and how there are powerful consequences for our lives if not used effectively.

By changing your goals and your personal story in relation to these traits you’re able to transform who you are from the inside out via the beliefs of your identity. 

Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking – Matthew Syed

Once you’re ready to harness your ability to be open to new experiences, you will have to pick up Rebel Ideas!

Through many case studies, the author is able to demonstrate the value of diverse thinking and the ability to problem-solve with an open mind rather than a fixed set of ideals.

Within this guide to success, there are many methods and tips explored that can easily be translated into both your personal and professional lives as you challenge where your ideas are coming from. 

I’m Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come – Jessica Pan 

Specifically for the introverts out there, this book takes a deep dive into the life of the author, Jessica Pan, as she goes on a year-long journey of living as a full-blown extrovert.

The memoir takes on the drastic challenge to explore if living as an extrovert has specific benefits.

The misadventures and challenges that the author takes on are not only relatable but accurately depict the differences that occur in life and of what is able to happen if you take a risk to put yourself out there. 

Indistractable – Nir Eyal 

Living in a world of distractions, notifications, dings, and seemingly unlimited access has its downfalls, yet isn’t completely to blame when it comes to our reasonings behind our inability to focus.

Indistractible dives into the self-discipline and order that is needed to reach our full potential while focusing on understanding why we are seeking distractions in the first place.

If you have a hard time avoiding your phone, this book is for you! 

The Wisdom of Psychopaths – Dr. Kevin Dutton 

Our potential is often hindered by the “dark side” of human nature — our narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. Dr. Kevin Dutton challenges these ideas and brings to the surface the fact that these character traits can be used to our advantage.

He takes the reframe of difficult situations being “threats” and turns them into mini-challenges that allow you to focus on what you can control and the ability to learn from an experience rather than it seeming like a test with only a pass/fail option. 

The Body Keeps the Score – Bessel Van Der Kolk

In reaching our full potential we have to understand the effects of trauma and how that is hindering our abilities subconsciously.

In The Body Keeps Score, the mind-body connection is explained and the understanding of how you’re able to transform trauma to shift into a fresh paradigm through recovery.

The author recognizes that not all shifts will be one size fits all, and suggests multiple therapeutic interventions such as neurofeedback, art, theater, meditation, play, and more to help create this shift. 


Each of the above books are able to help you understand yourself and reach your full potential.

What is true throughout all of them is that you are capable of making the changes necessary in your life if you’re willing to understand your personal psychology. 

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