15 Key Things Couples That Actually Stay Together For Life Do Differently

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It can seem harder and harder to find success in relationships today, as over 50% of marriages end in divorce.

But, it is possible.

However, it is not always easy.

Strong relationships take effort and work from both people in the relationship and do not happen overnight. 

Here are the top 15 secrets that couples in long-lasting couples do:

1. Communicate constantly

All strong couples know that communication is essential in their relationship. They check in with each other and ask genuinely how their day has been going.

Continue to ask “how are you?” often. 

Being open, honest, and listening are all successful couples’ skills.

That means putting your phone down, being curious, and continuing to ask questions- even if you think you already know that answer. 

2. Continue to do the little things

Successful couples who are together long-term continue doing the little things for each other.

That means flowers just because, bringing home treats that made you think of the other person and surprising them with little notes. 

Just because a couple is no longer in the “honeymoon phase” doesn’t mean the little things are unnecessary. 

3. Know that arguments are natural

Arguments are typical to experience in life — especially when being with someone long-term.

Strong couples know this and are willing to work through it instead of quitting the relationship altogether.

One fight does not mean an entire relationship is over. Instead, it provides an opportunity to grow even closer together. 

4. Saying “I love you” never gets old

Couples who are happy and together long-term do not take their partner for granted.

Never underestimate the power of saying “I love you” often, and acknowledging all they do for you daily will help bring a mediocre relationship to the next level. 

Successful couples know how to complement each other, say thank you, and cherish each other daily. 

5. Set boundaries

Long-term couples know that some things are better left private.

Yes, we have all seen people complain about their relationships on social media.

But this is unnecessary and causes more significant problems long term.

Set clear expectations with each other and keep the things better left to the two of you behind closed doors.

6. Be spontaneous

Keeping things exciting and not getting stuck in the daily routine of life can help make any relationships stronger.

Long-term couples keep the excitement alive by continuing to date, doing fun things together, and mixing up the everyday flow of life. 

7. Strong couples are punctual

Timeliness is essential, even if you no longer need to pick someone up for a date. Successful couples know to be ready when they agree and not make the other person sit around and wait for them. 

Whether it is to run errands, attend an event, or for your own putting together, long-term couples are sure to be punctual. 

8. They support each other when overwhelmed

Picking up the slack on daily housework and chores when the other person is overwhelmed is crucial to a long-term relationship.

Supporting one another in times of need and sickness stands out when looking at successful couples. These couples know that they are a team and that sometimes, you need to give more than you take (and vice versa).

Knowing how to ask for help is also crucial to supporting each other long-term. 

9. Pick their battles

Not everything is worth a full-blown argument, and long-lasting couples know this.

Some things are better left unsaid. Knowing what you value most and what little things can slide is essential for successful partners. 

10. Compromise often

Strong couples know that compromises are essential to their relationship.

There will be things you do not want to do in your relationship.

Whether that is game night with the other’s college friends, another niece’s birthday party, or even what is on the menu for dinner — if it is important to your partner, it is vital for you to do it with a smile just as you would want them to do for you. 

11. Do new things

There is so much value to doing new things with the person you love.

Long-term couples know that it is exciting to try new things together and living shared experiences is a great way to continue to bond and grow in a relationship. 

It can be as simple as watching a new show or as elaborate as traveling to a new country.

Regardless of what it is, strong couples know to continue doing new things together. 

12. Prioritize alone time

Alone time is so important to couples that stay together. Being alone is an essential part of being on a team.

It is necessary to allow yourself to rest, keep your individuality, and come back to the other person ready to give them your all.

You cannot pour from an empty cup, and trying to can be detrimental to a relationship. 

13. Value intimacy

Both physical and emotional intimacy is important to a successful long-term relationship.

Continuing to be romantic keeps the magic in the relationship and the spark in the bedroom. 

14. Successful couples forgive 

Forgiveness is one of the most critical parts of a long-lasting relationship.

People make mistakes, do things you do not like, and accidents happen.

Prioritizing forgiveness allows couples to grow without resentment and create a successful long-term relationship. 

Bringing up the past in arguments is also not a healthy way to communicate, so being willing to move on will also help you fight fairly. 

15. Long-lasting couples commit to each other. 

Deciding to stick with one person is a choice — and one picked daily by successful, long-term couples.

That means even when things get hard, when life is unexpected, and choosing the other even when they would rather not.

Relationships are not always easy, and being mentally prepared for things to not always be sunshine and roses will help couples prevail.

Long term, having shared goals for the future, avoiding lustful temptations, and being open to letting a relationship work will help you be successful. 

Remember, long-term relationships are not easy, but they are possible.

Putting in the time, work, and commitment necessary will help you and your partner curate a beautiful and prosperous relationship. Always keep your partner close because you are a team- you both need to be dedicated to succeed. 

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