This Radical Self-Help Book Will Change The Way You Think Forever


Ever find a book that changes your life? 

That’s exactly what Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz will do for you! 

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon who realized that even after surgery, his patients’ expectations of the happiness that they would obtain wasn’t realistic.

Maltz then began to develop what is now known as Psycho Cybernetics. As you read his book, you begin to explore our individual programming in the proper mind-body connection to reach the successful outcomes we desire.

Below you will find out how this book and the practices within it are able to change your life and why it is a must read in your lifetime! 

What is Psycho Cybernetics? 

Cybernetics are the automatic controls of machines and living beings that allow them to complete given tasks successfully.

As with a machine, Dr. Maltz realized that these same principles could be applied to the minds of humans to achieve the outcomes they desire.

With this mind-body connection through visualization, affirmations, and your subconscious beliefs around your self-image, he developed what is now known as Psycho Cybernetics. 

The Mechanisms of the Mind

Just as a machine has many parts to it, as does our mind.

In developing the beliefs one has around their self-image, the subconscious is able to align with the desired outcome one holds for themselves.

Through visualizing success and repetitive affirmations towards your set goals, Dr. Maltz found that you’re able to train the subconscious mind to achieve inner goals which would allow for outer goals to be realized as well. 

Within setting up these successful mechanisms, the fundamentals that were outlined include:

  1. Create goals and targets you believe you can potentially achieve. Success mechanisms depend on goals.
  2. Make sure your goals focus on the end, not the means. Your mechanism will find a way to work if you are supplying your goals.
  3. Making mistakes feeds your auto-correct. This is a positive reaction that helps you redirect towards your goal.
  4. Forget your past errors and move on. You should focus on the final successful choice that will lead you towards your goal.
  5. Trust the process without worrying about having to adjust it. Let your mechanisms work. Don’t make them work. (Storyshots, 2021)

ANYONE Can Do This

What truly makes this book a must read is that these fundamentals and the work Dr. Maltz put into developing Psycho Cybernetics is a process that if followed, shows that ANYONE can train their subconscious through these practices, no matter where they are at in life.

He recognizes that it is not an overnight process, however one that overtime can lead to the desired outcomes of any and everyone’s lives. 

Improved Self-Image Made Simple

Not only can anyone partake in the training of their mind through Psycho Cybernetics, as you do, you will focus on improving your beliefs around your self-image which will ultimately impact all aspects of your life! 

Within the visualization process of Psycho Cybernetics you’re able to mentally see where you want to be in your life and the desired outcomes you have for yourself.

Then you’re able to back up those visualizations with affirmations that allow you to get closer to your goals. As you do, you’ll instill the positive beliefs within your subconscious and increase the confidence you have around your self-image. 

Note: Within this process it is vital to be in a state of relaxation for the greatest amount of change to occur within your subconscious. 

Turn Your Triggers into Triumphs

Dr. Maxwell helps you develop your rational thinking abilities in order to lessen the negative thoughts that you have about yourself in order to replace them with positive, sustainable ones that are in your favor.

You’re able to learn how to take the trigger of a negative thought and know that it is an irrational thought.

In doing so you can replace or shift it with rational thinking towards the outcomes you’re really seeking instead.

Positive Habits to Fall Back On

We all know that whenever things get tough we fall back on our habits.

Dr. Maxwell explores how to develop the habits that bring you the most happiness along the way. Instead of self-sabotaging and setting yourself back, you’ll develop habits that allow you to build into yourself even when you’re not necessarily feeling your best.

This then allows the beliefs you’re developing around your self-image to continue to grow stronger until you reach your desired outcomes. 


No matter where you are in life, you are able to use Psycho Cybernetics in order to reach your goals!

This book enables you to learn the deeper processes and fundamentals behind training your subconscious mind to shift gears towards whatever it may be in your life!

10/10 it is a must read for everyone out there in their lifetime! 

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