Best Makeup Tips For Enhancing Your Eye Color

Eye Makeup

Your eyes are often referred to as the windows to your soul, and they are also one of the most prominent features on your face. Enhancing your natural eye color with makeup can be a fun and creative way to make your eyes stand out. Whether your eyes are blue, green, brown, or any shade in between, there are makeup techniques tailored to accentuate and amplify your eye color.

Here are some tips for amplifying your eye color and achieving a natural, beautiful look.

1. Choose Complementary Colors

The first step in enhancing your natural eye color is understanding the color wheel. Complementary colors can make your eyes pop. For blue eyes, warm shades like coppers and oranges can bring out the cool blue tones. For green eyes, try purples and mauves to create contrast and make the green pop. Brown-eyed individuals can experiment with blues and teals to enhance the warmth in their eyes.

2. Eyeshadow Selection

There are endless possibilities when it comes to eye shadows, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades and textures. Matte shadows can create a more natural look, while shimmery shadows can add a touch of glamour. You can also experiment with different techniques, such as a smoky eye or a cut crease, to enhance your natural eye color. Just remember to choose shades that complement your eye color and to blend well for a seamless look.

Pro-Tip: To intensify your eye color, opt for eyeshadows in shades that harmonize with your natural eye color. Earthy tones like browns and greens can enhance brown eyes while shimmering golds and bronzes work wonders for blue and green eyes.

3. Use Contrasting Eyeliner

To make your eyes stand out even more, try using a contrasting eyeliner color. For example, if you have blue eyes, try using brown or bronze eyeliner instead of black. This will create a subtle contrast that will make your eyes appear brighter and more vibrant. For green eyes, a deep purple or plum eyeliner can have a similar effect. Brown eyes can be enhanced with a navy or dark green eyeliner, while hazel eyes can benefit from a deep gold or bronze eyeliner.

4. Don’t Forget About Mascara

Mascara is a must-have to define your lashes and make your eyes pop. Go for a volumizing mascara to create a dramatic effect.

For blue eyes, try using a brown or navy mascara instead of black. This will create a softer look that won’t overpower your eye color. Green eyes can be enhanced with brown or plum mascara, while brown eyes can benefit from deep brown or burgundy mascara. For hazel eyes, gold or bronze mascara can add a subtle touch of color.

5. Play with Contrasts

Creating contrast is key to amplifying your natural eye color. Use light and dark shades to emphasize the depth and dimension of your eyes. Light shades on the inner corners of your eyes and dark shades on the outer corners can make your eyes look more vibrant and captivating.

6. Color-Enhancing Contacts

For a temporary but impactful change, you can also consider color-enhancing contact lenses. These lenses can intensify and alter your eye color to match your makeup, allowing you to experiment with different looks and moods.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

While makeup can enhance your natural eye color, it’s important to remember that your natural beauty is what truly shines through. Don’t be afraid to go makeup-free and embrace your natural eye shade. You can also use makeup to enhance your other features, such as lips or cheekbones, to create a balanced and beautiful look.

By following these makeup tips, you can enhance your natural eye color and achieve a stunning, natural look. Remember to choose complementary colors, experiment with different techniques, and embrace your natural beauty.


Q: What are complementary colors in eye makeup?

A: Complementary colors in eye makeup are shades that contrast with your natural eye color, making it appear more vibrant. For instance, warm tones like coppers and oranges can enhance blue eyes, while purples and mauves can bring out the beauty of green eyes. Experiment with these color combinations to amplify your eye color.

Q: Can I use color-enhancing contacts to change my eye color temporarily?

A: Yes, color-enhancing contacts are a great way to temporarily change your eye color to match your makeup. These lenses can intensify and alter your natural eye color, allowing you to experiment with different looks and moods while enhancing your eye shade.

Q: What eyeshadow colors should I choose to enhance my eye color?

A: The eyeshadow colors you choose should harmonize with your natural eye color. For brown eyes, earthy tones like browns and greens work well. To amplify blue or green eyes, go for shimmering golds, bronzes, or purples. Select shades that complement your eye color for a stunning effect.

Q: How can I use eyeliner to enhance my natural eye color?

A: Eyeliner can be a versatile tool in enhancing your eye color. To make blue eyes pop, use navy or deep blue eyeliner. For green eyes, opt for deep purple or plum eyeliners. Brown-eyed individuals can experiment with charcoal or bronze eyeliners to add depth and intensity.

Q: What mascara color is best for enhancing eye color?

A: Black mascara is a universal choice for enhancing eye color as it defines your lashes and adds drama. However, brown mascara can be a great option for a softer look, especially if you have fair skin. Experiment with both to see which suits your style best.


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